Ensure Vs Insure – Insure And Ensure Definition

The two words “ensure” and “insure” are often confused among English language-learners. To remember how to use each of them, there are several unique aspects I can tell you to differ each word. To start with, these two words are often used in place of each other, but they have something in common: both of them are derived from Latin language- from the word “Securus” that means “safe” or ”secure”. Ensure vs insure – how those two words are used in sentences and in contexts, you should know the core meanings. Now, let’s define each of the words:

Ensure definition: something one does to guarantee an event, occasion, condition or something that might happen in the future .It is also something one has to do to become successful or to make progress. For example: The central heating ensures that Ann will be warm enough. The word “ensure” in the sentence means that central heating makes sure that Ann won’t be cold. Ensure means to make certain that something will or will not definitely happen.
Example: Policy holders should also ensure that baby vaccinations are kept up to date.

Now you know the definition of insure. It is common that people who learn English fail to defer this word from “insure”. These word conflicts are also seen among native English speakers, but rarely. In this language there are a lot of word couples with almost same pronunciation. The word “ensure” is used as a form of guarantee, whereas “insure” is related to finances and expensive objects. It is the root word for safety.

. You should use this word when you are talking about a person ,a place and valuable things. For example: I crashed into his father’s car. Now, I’m in a bad situation as I don’t know it if it was insured.

Insure can be done to a person, place, or thing, but it’s has limiting financial liability, mostly, insure is to cover with an insurance policy. So it mustn’t be rare that it is used in a financial context as it relates to insurance. It’s easy to remember the word “insurance”-that is a form of financial security to prevent your property being misused as insurance policies cover the costs. Also you can remember that related words “income” and “ insure” both start with the letter “I”.

Here are two examples: It is required by our government that you must insure your apartment. I use different companies to insure both my bike and my car.

To insure someone or something means to protect the person or object against risk by regularly paying an insurance company a certain sum of money. If one day the person is injured or killed or the object is lost, the insurance company will then give you a sum of money to pay the bills of the injury or loss. It is possible to insure your health, your car, your bike or bicycle and apartments.

To sum up, I hope that the given descriptions and examples helped you to overcome the difficulties related to these words.

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